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Test Management Software CompanyFounded in 1989, T-Plan developed a test management tool which ensured that applications of critical importance to the UK and Global economy were developed, tested and launched successfully. T-Plan has worked closely with some of the most prestigious institutions in the UK.

T-Plan has continued to develop its product suite and services whilst continually growing its customer base. T-Plan now works with many organisations including Blue-Chip, SMEs, Charities and Government bodies.

T-Plan develops and sells 2 main toolsets. 1) Test Automation with T-Plan Robot, and 2) Test Case Management Suite with integrated bug tracking (our own tool or JIRA). We believe we have a solution for any environment.

T-Plan is active in a great number of industry sectors across the globe with clients in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

We now supply the best of breed solutions and services which will enable our customers to maximise their IT potential.

T-Plan can work with you to ensure that quality IT deliverables are achieved, performance is optimised, communications improved and above all, you successfully achieve your objectives.

T-Plan - A Proven History of Success

T-Plan Professional has consistently received acclaim from leading software testing organisations and industry analysts such as Ovum:

"If you need to introduce more order, structure and visibility into your testing process,
you will welcome the T-Plan method and tool."

And from T-Plan customers:

"T-Plan had all the solutions. Indeed, compared with other market leaders it proved to be the product best
suited to nCode's requirements and, quite virtuously, the most cost effective."
nCode International Ltd

"The introduction of a testing methodology and process across the product range is proving itself by
saving time and resources. It has certainly brought tangible and considerable operational efficiencies
for the people responsible for testing at ISMA - their workload is now far more orderly. "

"Our project is on time, on budget and the steering committee has been impressed with
the project and the thorough approach."
Carter Holt Harvey Forests



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