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Test ANYTHING Automation

T-Plan Robot is a highly adaptable, easy to use image based black box testing tool that creates robust automated test cases and exercises applications in the same way as would an end user. Robot is platform independent (Java) and runs on and automates all major systems such as Windows, Linux and Unix, plus mobile platforms etc..

Being Java the product has the same functionality, look and feel, regardless of OS, and your scripts are completely transferable between platforms.

Robot is unlike any tool you are likely using today. Test Anything, Anywhere... give it a go & find out!!

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T-Plan Professional is modular in design, clearly differentiating between the Analysis, Design, Management and Monitoring of the Test Assets. Errors or queries found during the Test Execution can also be logged and tracked throughout the Testing Lifecycle in the T-Plan Incident Manager.

T-Plan is very proud to introduce our SaaS "Software-as-a-Service" provision for our test management suite. Available as a centrally managed hosted solution, with your MSSQL data in the cloud, or application and data on-premise, we are delighted to offer our functionally rich client server application via this incredible solution. more...

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[The FREE trial uses a local MSSQL database. A POC of a Cloud Database can be requested].

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**This trial does NOT include our Test Automation tool "T-Plan Robot Enterprise".

Included in the price of T-Plan:

  • Full Product Support including dedicated support team, forums, support website
  • All upgrades to T-Plan
  • Customer Services contact and account management contact
  • Access and participation to our user groups and events
  • On-Line training and documentation

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