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The T-Plan product suite offers a separate administration module that will allow users to define business groups, create users and establish project databases. It has a full security model where permissions are assigned to each business group of users.

It facilitates the direct linking of one or many different types of project databases to control referencing between tests and defects. A full audit trail is offered as is the ability to perform centralised maintenance tasks on project databases.

The T-Plan Administrator tool facilitates the management, deployment and use of the T-Plan suite of tools. It is here within this simple to use, yet powerful application that the administrator can create and manage users.

Major Benefits of T-Plan Administrator:

  • Centralised control of Groups of Users per T-Plan project(s).
  • Administer and enforce security rights and permissions
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Centralised list of users for groups per project(s).
  • Centralised assignment of permissions to groups for all Incident Manager and T-Plan Professional projects.
  • Integration of both Incident Management and T-Plan Professional project administration i.e. linking of one IMS project to several T-Plan projects to control defect tracking.
  • Ability to perform centralised maintenance tasks on all IMS and T-Plan projects.

With many companies adopting the FAST (Federation Against Software Theft) approach, T-Plan will ensure that license requirements are clearly displayed and enforced at all times whilst still retaining a unique flexibility within the license agreement.

Main Features of T-Plan Administrator:

  • User creation – unlimited number of users can be created and stored even if they are not permitted to use the T-Plan suite of tools
  • Group creation – for easy identification of your users and to then assign permissions for that group
  • Project creation – as a new project starts you can easily use our built in wizards to create new project databases
  • Maintenance – you can use many of the maintenance tools to ensure that your projects are running to their optimum
  • Import/export – you can easily export all your administration data as well as import
  • Audit – a full audit trail of the actions undertaken within the administration programme
  • Data copy – you can easily perform data copies to share data across many different projects and maximise your re-use of tests

T-Plan Administrator is available to you free of charge when you deploy either T-Plan Professional , T-Plan IMS or T-Plan Remote Execution Console.

If you would like to know more about T-Plan Administrator or any of our other Products or Services, then please contact us at or contact your local representative.



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