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The T-Plan Product Suite and in particular T-Plan Professional has an open architecture delivering the capacity and flexibility to be integrated with any format of software/tool. If a client wishes to have a specific ‘extension’ or integration, then T-Plan will work closely with the client to ensure successful delivery of this component.

T-Plan encourages by way of an extensions manager the user to enhance the product to suit their own needs. Our extensions allow the product to move in the direction that you wish. In this way small navigational extensions can be created for additional importing criteria, or more advanced 3rd party integrations can be created. The extension capability allows T-Plan to be at the centre of any desired suite of test and business tools.

Some of our tool integrations and extensions are highlighted below:

With our comprehensive toolkit and associated training you could be creating your very own extensions that really will improve on what is already the best test management tool available.

T-Plan Professional is seen as the most highly rated Test Management Tool in the Market today. We have designed T-Plan to integrate into regression, performance, volume, load and stress testing tools as well as many other types of applications. We believe that you should be able to choose the configuration of your tool set to optimise your testing collateral. Please contact us to find out more.

Integrations with other non Testing Applications

T-Plan has integrations with Microsoft Word and Excel. You are able to import or export from/to T-Plan Professional with Word/Excel documents. This is ideal for implementing T-Plan for the first time as we can help you to migrate all of your Testing Data into T-Plan at a touch of a button with our ‘T-Plan Extensions’. You can also export into HTML for use within your intranet.

We have worked closely with our existing clients to produce working integrations to their specification, and have successfully integrated T-Plan into a full lifecycle suite utilizing best of breed products from many different areas.

For more information on the integrations that we have available to you or to see the possibility of a new integration please contact or your local representative.

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