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T-Plan scripts, created and managed by T-Plan Professional, can be executed using a separate web based module; namely the Execution Window.  This module is easy to deploy and based on an individual licensing model for maximum flexibility. Because of the ease of deployment, it is useful in UAT and remote testing configurations.  It is the ideal tool for web based testing in a disparate environment.

Users are able to connect into the Execution Window from anywhere in the world and view and execute their test scripts in a simple step by step format. Progress is reported in real-time and the results feed directly into T-Plan Professional.

Improving Your Testing

New systems need to be ‘fit for purpose’. The Execution Window application helps your business users to evaluate the systems readiness, by allowing execution of tests remotely, and in real time, so direct business led feedback can occur.
The Execution Window is a low cost and highly intuitive application that will allow the execution of your testing to start straight away whilst always retaining the control over your test coverage and success that your business demands.

Major Benefits of the T-Plan Execution Window:

  • Time and cost savings – Reducing the time to transfer information within teams and track their progress
  • Low maintenance and simple to deploy – This is to reduce any potential overheads e.g. training the UAT team
  • No need to use network saved spreadsheets or documents – The T-Plan REC reflects the testing schedule
  • Easy to manage and report progress – Tests are assigned to certain testers with progress easily monitored
  • Consistent testing – Correct tests are always executed and their applicable test data is accessible and centrally stored
  • Working to testing standards – Ideal for Audit and ISO 9000 requirements
  • Global testing – Work locally or globally with the Execution Window
  • Easy to follow steps – Testers are guided trough the steps of the script which ensures continuity and quality
  • Raising Incidents – Working alongside the REC will be T-Plan IMS which can used for raising any defects that are discovered

Using the T-Plan Execution Window will improve the
testing productivity and is guaranteed to assist in the following areas:

  • User Acceptance Testing – Business users are only available for a limited time. The Execution Window will ensure that tests are prioritised and ordered in a simple to follow step-by-step method
  • Outsourced testing – Companies that use third party or separate divisions to execute their tests will greatly benefit from the REC. Testers don’t have to be on site and test data can be sent via the internet or Intranet
  • Remote working – Today’s companies allow flexibility within the workplace and employees can now work ‘from home or Hot Desk’. We recognise this need and the Execution Window can be accessed from any location with an internet connection
  • Working with Wireless Technology – The Execution Window can be used via a Lap Top wireless internet connection
  • Test environment – Having to install testing tools within your test environment can impact the systems that are being tested. Using the Execution Window eliminates the need for client side software to be installed allowing for an uninterrupted test environment
  • We can embed a company logo into the Tool – This is a pre-requisite for some of our clients who work closely with their customers on projects.

Main features of the Execution Window (EW):

  • Configurable to be run over the Web / Internet
  • Optionally run as a Client Server application via T-Plan Professional
  • Utilisation of the existing security of T-Plan Administrator
  • Hierarchy view for navigation of only user sssigned suites
  • Overall context view hierarchy for navigation of user assigned suites
  • Hierarchy script and step list for selection of test script and steps
  • Instructions, expected results and editable actual results forms for test steps
  • View of linked test conditions in a separate window
  • Update of test step and test condition statuses
  • View of test suite attributes
  • View and edit of accompanying design module script test data and manage module script external references
  • Easy to use step navigation during test run execution
  • Ability to raise an incident from the remote execution window into T-Plan IMS

Whatever your testing sophistication you will greatly benefit from the Execution Window. To compliment your testing process please a have a look at our defect tracking options or our Test Management Tool.

If you would like to know more about T-Plan Execution Window or any of our other Products or Services, then please contact us at or contact you local representative.



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