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T-Plan Robot (formerly known as VNCRobot) is one of the most flexible and universal black box automated testing tools on the market. Developed on generic image based testing principles, it provides a human-like approach to software testing and it performs well in situations where other tools may fail. As a result of its carefully designed Java architecture and detailed documentation, it is simple to adopt, integrate and customize. Watch a video, read the T-Plan Robot Enterprise Product Information Brochure (pdf), or take the tutorial for a quick introduction.

  • Major Benefits of T-Plan Robot Enterprise
T-Plan Robot | Image Based Test Automation Tool
  • Platform independence (Java). T-Plan Robot runs on, and automates all major systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris, and mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Symbian.
  • Test ANY system. As automation runs at the GUI level, via the use of VNC, the tool can automate most applications. E.g. Java, C++/C#, .NET, HTML (web/browser), mobile, command line interfaces; also, applications usually considered impossible to automate like Flash/Flex, Mobile etc.
  • Tight integration with T-Plan Professional. Please view the integration reference for more information.

Please view our YouTube movies below: (Or select this link to view our feature movie showcasing a Playdom Disney Game).

For other videos please see the video forums.

For more information please visit the T-Plan Robot section of our website.

If you would like to know more about T-Plan Robot Enterprise or any of our other Products or Services, then please contact us at or contact you local representative.



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