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Financial Market Data Test Automation with T-Plan Robot Enterprise

Providing Financials Testing Software since 1989…

T-Plan since 1989 has supplied the best of breed solutions for testing. First implemented at the Bank of England (case study), the T-Plan Product Suite allows you to manage every aspect of the Testing Process, providing a consistent and structured approach to testing at the project and corporate level.

T-Plan develops and sells 2 main toolsets. 1) Test Automation with T-Plan Robot, and 2) Test Case Management Suite with integrated bug tracking (our own tool or JIRA). We believe we have a solution for any environment.

Our software is specifically developed for the testing environment, and designed with the needs of test teams in mind. The applications are focused on providing your business with the control and information it needs, during project development and test phases.

Since that first project, T-Plan has continued to supply testing software to the Bank and other financial and banking institutions worldwide.

T-Plan Professional | Test Case Management Tool
  • SaaS Test Management in the Cloud. more...
  • Test Automate ANY system. As automation runs at the GUI level, via the use of VNC, the tool can automate most applications. E.g. Java, C++/C#, .NET, HTML (web/browser), mobile, command line interfaces; also, applications usually considered impossible to automate like Flash/Flex, Mobile etc.
  • Mobile platform support for BYOD devices running Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod (iOS etc.), Windows CE, Blackberry and Symbian.
  • Host platform independence via Java. Robot runs on, and automates devices from all major systems, such Windows, Mac, and Linux etc.
  • Java test script & Java API support, as well as a proprietary scripting language.
  • T-Plan Robot | Image Based Test Automation ToolImage & Optical Character Recognition (OCR) search.

Non-Intrusive, GUI Test Automation

  • Robot does not require any modification to the system or application under test.
  • Test as a user would control or operate the system, application or device. Utilise human like automation to drastically reduce the effort of cross-device and cross-platform software testing.
    • Full device testing supported. Competitive products able to test only within the application under test.
    • One script execution, across all devices and platforms.
  • No application authoring to include test tool hooks etc. I.e. NO Source Instrumentation (compile-time) code required. Allows your ‘vanilla’ application to be received (from the developers or third party) / downloaded (from the market or test portal etc.) / installed (like it would be in a production environment) and tested.
    • I.e. True production environment readiness can be achieved, as no foreign code has been included into the application for testing.

Please view our video examples on YouTube below: (Or select this link to view our Corporate movie).

For more information please visit the T-Plan Robot (Automation) & T-Plan Professional (Test Management) sections of our website.

If you would like to know more about T-Plan Robot Enterprise or any of our other Products or Services, then please contact us at or contact your local representative.



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